Apple Thoughts

The Duo have some interesting thoughts about Apple, find out what they are in Today's episode

Go To Cuisine

I want to play a game!

When i say the word Italian, what is the food that first comes to mind? What about Thai? Greek?

Listen to what foods the duo associate with when they think of certain cuisines.

Listen, love and enjoy!

Random Sh*t in Public

Welcome to another episode guys!

Have you ever walked down a street and something catches your eye that you just can't believe or is just plain hilarious? Well the duo have a story for you!

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Let's Talk About Porn


Happy Friday guys !!!

Let's talk about Porn and everything to do with porn

What do the guys think about porn?

Listen to find out :)

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Welcome to another episode guys!

On this podcast, its all about missing limbs, prosthetics and what if scenarios.

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Man Cave


Start the week by listening to an all new episode!!!!

What is your Man Cave dream? Do you have a Man Cave? What is a Man Cave?

Hear what the duo think about Man Cave's

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Love of 00's Sit-coms


It's almost the weekend and what better way to get through it all, by listening to another episode.

Shaun has recently started to fall in love with '00s Sit-Coms, however Yan seems to have some different perceptions about it.


Found out their thoughts in this episode.

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Things People Know, But They Don't


Welcome To your mid week episode!

Have you ever met people who think they know something, but they actually don't?

Hear what the duo think about these types of people.

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Only Just Found Out - Nov 2017


"Oh, this is different" you might be asking...

The same funny duo with a different spin. Welcome to our topic based podcast!

We will release new episodes on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, That way, you can enjoy more of us in smaller doses.

This episode, we bring back our favourite game "Only Just Found Out".

As always everyone, enjoy!!!

Episode 26 - Things You Would Do


Welcome back to another episode, if you enjoy this episode, please like and subscribe!

On this week's episode:

- Things that make you go Grrr!
- Dollar game (The duo come up with a new game)
- Things you would do (The duo go through a bucket list of sorts)
- Learning new things about Michael Jackson

As always guys, enjoy!!!

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