Episode 9 - Things that make you go Grrrr


On this weeks episode, we've opened these friendly discussions:

- Our Prank TXT to 3 people
- A new game! Things that make you go Grrrrr (Things that make you go Grrrrr...)
- Chadwick Boseman in the upcoming Black Panther film
- Wonder Woman movie review and other superhero films
- The boys try the new Fried Chicken Doritos (gotta love Yan's chewing) & the Fried Chicken experiment

So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's podcast

Episode 8 - Let's Play Games Then!


On this weeks episode:

- Top 3 Inventions that will come out in the future
- The effect games have on the duo and in the future
- Bowel movements (Whaaat!)

So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's podcast

Episode 7 - Where has Sydney gone?


Do you know what has happened to the Sydney you grew up with? Yanick and Shaun discuss what has happened in the past years.

They also discuss the following:
- Fidget Spinners
- The lengths the duo go to find the title of a song
- Multiple Celebrity Trials

As always, Enjoy!

Episode 6 - The Experiment


This week's episode highlights the results of Yanick and Shaun's experiment of having their phones turned off for the weekend. The duo also touches on movies and in particular, movie characters.
They also reminise about video shops and what happened to them.

As always enjoy.

Episode 5 - Today I Learned


On this week's episode:

- Weird things that happen during or before concerts
- Things that the duo learned
- Reviewed movies
- Talk about their upcoming weekend experiment


Episode 4 - Aloha From Hawaii


Ready for this weeks episode!!!

Yanick is finally back from his holiday from Hawaii.
Shaun talks about fads.
The duo discuss Top 5 Youtube Channels.
Finally, they begin their anti-phone challenge.

Enjoy this podcast!!!!

Episode 3 - Red Grapes


This weeks episode is all about Traffic, Social Media, Smart Phones, Records, Top 5 MC's, Reminiscing about old jobs.
Enjoy this Podcasts.

Please feel free to comment, like and folllow

Episode 2 Read it and Weep


Welcome to Episode 2, The duo continues their rawness by touching on issues such as Anzac Day, Going to Church, Fried Chicken, Podcasts, TV shows and Movies.

Episode 1 We Live and We Learn


In Episode 1, The duo talk about Shaun's Lateness, Yanick's Smoking, Jury Duty, other people's podcasts, and plenty of tangents in between.


PS. Apologies for the audio this week, this is a learning experience for all, and appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Episode 0 Pilot


On this week's episode:
- Yanick and Shaun get into the groove of creating a Podcast
- Talk about names for the show
- Talk about each other
- Discuss Food, Music, and Movies
- Go on Tangents

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