Going Deep with Euthanasia


Its time for another deep topic.

This time it is Euthanasia. Found out what the duo thinks about assisted suicide.

The Impossible Burger

If it smells like meat, looks like meat, and taste's like meat, is it meat?

Listen to the duo talk about the beef burger that is not a beef burger.

Servo Wars


Its the Big Servos against the little Servos!!!

Which servo do you go to? Do you have loyalty to a side?

Blind Taste Test


How good are your taste buds?

It's time to find out who knows their food in our new game, Blind Taste Test!

Tales of the Bull@#$% Artist

A new game for you guys!

The Duo will take turns saying 1 line each to make up a story.

This should be interesting.

Jazz Chat


Well the weekend is almost among us...


It is time to sit down and unwind and chat, over some jazz.

Guess The Song Pt II


Welcome to Part 2 of Guess The Song!

As always enjoy!!!

Guess The Song Pt I


It's time for another round of "Get That Tune"

Enjoy Part 1... Part 2 coming up!!!

Booty Talk


"I like big buts and I cannot lie"

Do you like big booties or slimmer booties?

Here what the duo prefer!



Have you heard the news of how a university was evacuated due to a possible gas leak?


The gas leak was in fact a rotting fruit called Durian. How strong is this smell of Durian? Listen to how the duo handle the smell in today's episode.

Stop and Smell The Protest


On this episode, Shaun talks about an incident he experienced while on a shopping trip.

Find out what Shaun set his sight on!!

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