Good Morning Vietnam


Your boy Yanick is heading to Vietnam!

Found out where he is going, what he is doing and advice from Shaun about travelling.

As Always guys enjoy!

Misconceptions on Autobiographies


In this episode, Shaun has been getting into reading lately and has some very interesting stories surrounding it.

It's all about books, theatre, autobiographies, and movies in today's episode!

The Ninth Commandment


Do you know what the Ninth Commandment is?


What has this got to do with today's episode? Why don't you listen and find out!

Would You Rather


Ladies and Gentlemen, A game where you have to decide to go with one choice or the other. No holds barred.

What weird and wonderful combinations does the duo have to choose from.

Questions Only


As the name implys!

A game where you can only converse with each other in questions.

See what topics come through & how the duo go at this game!

We Got A Sampler


We did it guys!!! We finally have our sampler (Queue Sound effects)!!!

See how we abuse this new power on today's episode.

If You Know What I Mean


Another game for you guys.

If you love "Whose Line is it anyway?" and love sexual innuendo's...

Then you will love today's episode so much so that you will probably go for seconds, if you know what I mean ;)

Google Features


Have you been keeping your eye on the new features from Google.

Let the duo explain one of the new features from Google Maps.

Missing Word


A New game for you guys:

The Duo will describe an event or show but they cannot say certain words while explaining it.

How will it turn out for the duo?

African American Panther


As per a listener's request, we are doing a "Black Panther" Review.

Find out what the duo think of this superhero movie!

Tea or Coffee


What is your go to drink... Tea or Coffee?

Let Shaun delve into the benefits of both!

The Sound Game


New game for you guys that you can join in on... The Sound Game.

Can you guess what our sound man Rex is playing?

Let us know if you got it!

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