New Year's Resolutions


Have you ever tried to follow a New Years Resolution?

Find out what Yan and Shaun think about New Years Resolutions

Shaun's Holiday Adventures Pt II


Part 2

Shaun is back from his European Holiday (That was quick!)

Find out what he got up to in Europe!

Shaun's Holiday Adventures Pt I


Part 1

Shaun is back from his European Holiday (That was quick!)

Find out what he got up to in Europe!

Sydney Trains


Yanick normally takes a train to work, and he is pretty annoyed about it.

How do you feel about the Transport system in your area?

Australian Colloquialisms

G'day, How's it going?, Struth, Fair Dinkem...

What other Australian terms can you think of?

Find out how well these guys know the Australian language!


What are your long term career goals?

What is your ideal job?

Find out what Shaun and Yan thinks about their current position that they are in and where they want to go.

Mauritian Sega

TIME FOR HOME REMEDIES! What do you know about Mauritian music?

Ever heard of Sega?

Find out what Shaun thought some of these Sega songs meant in today's episode!

Shaun's Going On Holidays


Looks like Shaun is about to head overseas to Europe.

Yanick has been to Europe before, find out what places Yanick recommends for Shaun to visit!


Out Only Found Just


It's time to start the year of to a good start with some...

Only Just Found Out!

What more could these guys have found out?

Find out!!!

Great Pairings


What goes well together?

Hear all the great and unusual pairings the duo have come up with.

Do you agree with them?

Words of Wisdom


Happy New Year Guys!!!

What a great way to start the new year then with some words of wisdom.

As always guys enjoy!

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