Christmas Parties


Christmas is just round the corner!


We thought we would get you ready for the festivities with some Christmas part stories that the duo have experienced.

On behalf of the show, we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year!!!

Get That Tune Part 2


Welcome to part 2 of Get That Tune!

Who will win?

Find out in today's episode!

Get That Tune Part 1


Welcome to everyone's favourite game: "Get That Tune"

Welcome to Part 1.

Who will win this time around?

On The Spot


I want to play a game ....

Finish this sentence quickly: "When people ask what i am doing, I say ...."

Find out how Yanick finishes these Sentences.

Rock and Hip-Hop

Have you ever wondered what the similarities are between Rock and Hip-Hop?


The answer is quite interesting.

Tune in to Today's topic of "Rock and Hip-Hop".

Shaun's Dollar Game

I want to play a game!

We have discovered throughout the years that Shaun has an innate ability to recall the year of certain events and occasions, for example, what year did Michael Jackson's Thriller come out? Well Shaun knows.

Welcome to Shaun's Dollar Game!

That's Interesting

From Trains to Water to Language, the Duo discuss some interesting things that they have experienced or seen in their day to day life.

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Clubs and Pokies


Shaun went on an adventure on the weekend. On his travels he visited a Club/RSL.

Today's episode is the interesting observations from the clubs and RSL's.

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We Gunna Die


Death is an inevitable part of life.

What would you like to be on your tombstone?

Listen to what the Duo think about Death and everything associated with it.

Apple Thoughts


The Duo have some interesting thoughts about Apple, find out what they are in Today's episode!

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