Goodbye for Now, Not Forever


This is it guys, our final episode.
We have had such an amazing ride, telling stories, playing games and talking shit.

To all of our fans who have listened to us over the year THANK YOU SO MUCH, we couldn't have gotten to where we are without you.

On to the next adventure.

Your Favourite Burger


It's burgers. burgers and more burgers!!!

What are your favourites?

Shaun in Manila


Shaun went overseas recently for a business trip.

How did he handle the new environment. Well does he have a story for you!

Death Penalty


"If you commit the crime, you do the time."

Listen to what the duo have to say on crime and whether the death penalty is relevant in today's society.

Beginner's Guide to RnB & Hip-Hop


For those of you who want to get into Hip Hop or RnB but don't know what to listen to or who to listen to, then let the duo guide you!


Special thanks to Eric for the request


As always guys enjoy!!!

Man's Best Friend


It's time for some "tails" about doge's and what they get up to.



On this episode, we have taken a page from 2Day FM and thought we would try one of their games "Alphabucks" on each other!

See how they do in today's episode!

Her Majesty


It's time to talk about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Warning: May contain spoilers to "The Crown"

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