Episode 20 - Drunk Tales


Wooooo Episode 20!!! Thanks for listening to all our episodes so far.

On this milestone episode:
- The duo discuss dishwashing liquid (whaaatt!!!)
- Only just found out 
- Stories of the drunken variety
- Talking about sh*t

Episode 21 - Carolina Reaper


What's 9 + 10 ....... 21!

Hey guys welcome to another episode!

On this episode:
- OCD Lives
- Shaun's Liquor Advice
- Interview with a Carolina reaper twist


Episode 22 - Ghetto Creations


Welcome to another episode guys!

Apologies for any issues with the audio quality this week, we are currently in the process of getting new equipment and testing it out, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.

On this weeks episode:
- Yanick's Ghetto Food Creations
- Discounts
- Our old cars (shit-boxes)
- Recapping the hiking story that Shaun took

After this week the duo will be taking a quick break and will be back on the 15th October.

As always guys enjoy!!!

Episode 23 - Our Mental Age


We are back from our break, ready to entertain you for another week!

On this episode:
- Get that Tune : Can you guess what songs they guys are trying to convey?
- Mental Age Test : How old mentally are the guys?
- Weather preference : Do you prefer hot or cold?
- Some grim stories : Ever heard of the Japanese Suicide Forest?

We also have some more new equipment, please bear with us while we get it to crisp perfection.
Thanks for your continued support

As always guys, enjoy!!!!

Episode 24 - What Happens On Break...


Welcome back to another interesting episode!

We discuss:
- Telemarketer issues (What happens when Shaun gets on the phone with a scammer)
- Tiger Woods and golfing (What Yanick got up to during the break)
- Same sex marriage (Our thoughts on the matter)
- Nostalgia (Time to talk music Nostalgia)

As always guys, enjoy!!!

Episode 25 - Real Talk


Welcome back to another episode guys.

"Can i be real son"
"Be real son"

This week's episode features some real talk:

- Star Wars
- Things that make you go hmmm
- Conspiracy Theories
- Football (The rise of football)
- Gay Marriage (Our thoughts and views)
- Idea for a new game (Pretty Controversial)

As always guys, enjoy!!!!

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