Episode 18 - Mauritian Life


Welcome back Guys!

On this week's episode:
- What items and superstitions are unique to ethnics?
- What the duo's parents do to annoy them
- The duo discuss Lunch breaks, how long should a lunch break be?

As always guys enjoy.

Episode 19 - Unnecessary Investigations


Welcome to Episode 19 guys

On this episode:
- heated discussions about amazon, Netflix, tv shows
- The duo investigate things that do not need to be investigated

As always guys enjoy!!

Episode 15 - Cueball


On This episode:

- Shows to binge
- Ingredients in drinks
- 2nd Puberty

As always guys, enjoy!!!

Episode 10 - Back in my day


This week the duo discuss:

- Stay woke: keeping up with the media
- Reminising about the old days
- Delve into their fears
- Play a game called "What would you do?"

As always guys enjoy!!

Episode 14 - Get That Tune


Welcome to another episode!

This week we have a new game to play, it's called "Get that tune"
The duo each take a turn to say a sentence(s) of a lyric from a song and the other has to guess the song name and artist.

Its a great game, can you guess the name and artist before the duo 

Episode 13 - Food, Food, Food!


On This Episode:

- Talking about Hangry
- Fine Dining or one course
- Hot Sauces
- Bringing back "Only Just Found Out"

As always guys, Enjoy!

Episode 12 - Breaking the Glass


The boys are back!!!!!

On this episode:
- From Trains to Harry Potter
- A new Game "Breaking the Glass"
- Movie Reviews
- "Douchebag of the week"

As always guys enjoy!!

Episode 11 - Injuries


Welcome back guys to another week!

On this episode:
- The guys discuss injuries and scars that they have acquired over the years
- All Eyes On Me" Movie Review
- The duo also discuss removing social media from their phone's and old school social media

As always guys enjoy!!!

Episode 16 - Inventions, Games and No Sleep


Welcome to another episode guys

This week the duo discuss:
- Inventions and ideas that we would like to see or created
- Talking Video games with special guest Rex
- What if we didn't need to sleep?

As always guys enjoy!!!

Episode 17 - Black Tank


Welcome to this weeks episode of Shark Ta.... I mean Black Tank

This week the duo discusses:
- Inventions in the format of Shark tankness
- Bullshit artist, Are the guys telling lies???

As always guys, Enjoy!!!

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