Yanick (Darkness)

Born from the hole that is Dandenong and moved to the bigger hole that is Western Sydney, Yanick a.k.a Ashy, is a very loud and opinionated type a guy. He is as real as can be and is down to Earth. He also wields a unique sense of the English language, Naw Mean?

Shaun (The Bald Eagle)

Born and raised from the hole known as Western Sydney, Shaun a.k.a Baldy, is the funniest guy in the room. He is the guy that is always late ... Always. With his funny antics, Shaun loves to entertain.

Rex (The Sound Guy)

Also born from the hole that is Western Sydney (third times the charm!). Rex a.k.a Panda, is the Duo's best mate. Rex is the one these guys rely on to get this podcast online. Rex is the nicest guy as he puts up with all of their shit. You can tell who wrote this paragraph!

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